Cranial Osteopathy Treatments

Cranial osteopathy is a type of osteopathic treatment. Osteopaths are healthcare professionals who focus on the musculoskeletal system and treat it using osteopathic techniques.

Cranial osteopathy treatments aim to ease symptoms such as pain, tension and migraines by stimulating certain areas of the skull. It is thought that osteopathic techniques influence cranial osteopathic treatments by affecting the brain, nervous system and sensory organs.

This article will discuss how osteopaths treat patients with cranial osteopathy treatments. It will also cover what osteopathic techniques are used during these osteopathic treatments.

Osteopaths use a range of osteopathic techniques to treat patients with cranial osteopathy treatments. These osteopathic techniques include:

  • Soft tissue techniques
  • Muscle energy techniques
  • Joint mobilisation
  • Cranial osteopathic treatment
  • Counterstrain

The osteopaths’ use of osteopathic techniques is based on their training and ethos. The osteopathic treatments used depend on the osteopath’s experience, knowledge and clinical judgement . The osteopath’s expertise helps them to diagnose their patients and determine where and how to treat them with cranial osteopathy treatments.

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