Osteopathy For Babies – Birth Presentations

Osteopathy for babies requires good hands on skills and if you have cranial osteopathy skills that’s a great start but if you want to use that cranial osteopathy for babies then that can often be hard when you first start treating babies.

Babies aren’t like adults and often won’t hold still! So one of the way to fast track your cranial osteopathy with baby is to get a deeper understanding of birth trauma and the forces on baby during birth. That way when you put your hands on you have a much better sensitivity for what baby’s gone through, and that better connection makes your intent and your physical touch much lighter and baby often will be less resistant to your touch

That’s why I shot this short video as it serves as an introduction into getting into the forces that play out during birth. In this video we explore the difference between a face presentation birth and a vertex presentation and how that will cause different forces on babies skull and down into babies neck and body.