Cleaning a House – Step-by-Step Checklist

When you clean your house, you probably don’t have a game plan or solution in mind, but just go ahead and do what you always do, change bedding, scrub the bath, sink and toilet, kitchen, stove, dust, vacuum, mop.

But here’s some tips: if you hire a professional cleaner, they clean your house with almost military precision. Keep in mind a professional’s house-clean strategy is also flexible enough to fit in with your needs, so that’s a solution for someone with no time.

The following guide let you know how we do it, and how you can do it too, because we love clean houses, no matter who does the job! We hope you find the tips, guide and checklist helpful.

Where to Begin?


The first solution is to play some lively music to get your adrenaline pumping and put you in a mood to clean up the house and have fun! Now, start in any room and give yourself space to clean by picking up all that clutter. Pile up anything you really don’t need, because the more stuff you have, the more you have to put away, dust or clean.

Check out your magazines. Do you really need them? Some people cull their bookshelves too, but for book lovers that is sacrilege, so a good tip to getting the house clean and clear of clutter is to feel free to throw out, recycle or donate old newspapers, toys, DVDs, computers, even furniture, old shoes and clothes.

Raid your wardrobes and drawers, cupboards, and blanket boxes for stuff you no longer need or want, and organise the things you want to keep. You can donate or recycle most of the stuff in the throwaway pile. As you go from room to room in your house clean, and decluttering quest, switch off the ceiling fans and lights ready for dusting.


This section of the checklist gives you some tips on dusting – we all know how much dust houses gather, so to clean effectively you need to swipe from left to right and from top to bottom using microfibre cloths, which will lessen the number of allergens that can become airborne.

To clean off cobwebs from ceilings and walls, tie a dampened cloth to the end of a mop, and brooms also work, and clean the cobwebs off. To dust slatted blinds, rather than trying to clean one slat at a time, close them one way, dust that side, then close them the other way to dust the other side.

Don’t forget to dust every knick-knack; clean fan blades, lights, tops of doors, and picture frames. Use a glass cleaner on a microfibre or cotton cloth on the glass in framed photos, computer monitors, and television screens, to avoid streaks.


This part of the checklist is a guide to vacuuming. To clean your house effectively, you need to empty out the bag or dirt catcher in your vacuum cleaner, make sure the dust filter is clean and that you have the attachments you’ll need.

Vacuum all the floors in the house until they’re clean, and don’t forget the furniture and upholstery; get down under the lounge for a good clean. Sure, you’ll find missing earrings, socks, pens, remote controls, toys, and if there’s a musician in the family, plectrums will no doubt be hiding under the couch or among the cushions.

Sweep, mop floors (except kitchen) 

Here’s some great tips in our checklist for a clean house: To avoid build-up, don’t use too much floor cleaning product in the water. The way to clean floors is to begin mopping at the farthest corner of a room and work towards the door or front of the house. Make sure you squeeze the mop out in the bucket after you finish cleaning every square couple of metres.

Furniture freshening

Here’s a tip: Every so often you’ll need to wax or oil wooden furniture in your house as well as cleaning and dusting it.

In the kitchen:

  • Starting at the right side of the stove, wipe clean the cabinets and countertops
  • Clean the outside of the refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave
  • Wipe clean the top of the stove
  • Clean the microwave inside
  • Soak knobs and stove drip pans in the sink then clean
  • Clean around and inside the sink
  • Sweep and mop the kitchen floor clean

In the bathrooms:

  • Remove any mats or wastebaskets
  • Take everything from the bathtub and shower
  • Using warm water, wet down the tub, shower, walls, tiles
  • Then apply some tile and grout cleaner and leave it on
  • Using your favourite all-purpose cleaner solution, spray everything except the mirror, toilet, shower, bathtub and vanity
  • Fill your bucket with water and ¼ cup of all-purpose cleaner.
  • Scrub the bathtub, shower walls and door clean and use a grout brush for the tiles
  • Spread grout cleaner on the bath, shower floor and scrub
  • Clean the shower rack/soap dishes and shower track
  • Rinse the cleaner and grout from the tub and shower then and dry with a cloth
  • Spray the tile and grout cleaner in sink and soap dish in the vanity
  • Spray the vanity’s countertop with an all-purpose cleaner and scrub the sink
  • Rinse the sink and your cloth, wipe clean the vanity countertop and the front of the cabinet
  • Clean the mirror using a spray-on glass cleaner solution on a soft cloth.
  • Shine the taps
  • Wash the floor and allow to dry

In the bedrooms:

Presuming you’ve cleaned and removed clutter, dusted, vacuumed and tidied your wardrobes, your bedrooms will be almost finished, so simply:

  • Return anything you removed
  • Make the bed, put clean sheets on the bed
  • Perhaps organise the socks in your drawers, put the laundry away and sprinkle some lavender on the pillows

Cleaning windows

  • Spray glass cleaner solution on the windows and rub off with newspaper
  • Use a squeegee on a long handle for large windows that are hard to reach.
  • Remove insect screens and using a hard bristle brush, scrub them clean with an all-purpose cleaning solution mixed with water, hose them off and reinsert them

Now sit back and have a cuppa and congratulate yourself on a job well done. Your house is spotlessly clean!

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