Deep Cleaning House Checklist

House Cleaning Checklist – Whether you’re in the proess of cleaning your house for company or giving your home a deep clean in order to open your home to prospective buyers, there are certain measures you need to take in order to ensure a quality cleaning of your house.

With The EveryHouse team by your side, we’ve compiled a master checklist of all the ways you can deep clean your home to keep it looking spotless and ready for company or buyers to come though your home.

This isn’t a daily task for you to engage in, nobody would have the daily motivation to make that kind of effort on a routine cleaning schedule. But, this checklist should be sufficient to help you schedule your next spring cleaning of your home.

Deep or extreme house cleaning is no simple task, but with our easy to follow checklist, you should have a great way to keep your kitchen, bathrooms, showers, sinks, furniture, and appliances looking showroom ready with the details in this video.

This might even be a great weekend project for 2020, since most people are spending more time at home or working remotely. Take the time to work the house into zones as you proceed through the cleaning checklist, and with a little determination and some routine maintenance, you’ll be able to say “My house is cleaner than I ever thought it would be with hiring professional cleaners to come in and do the work for me!”

We’ll show you how to create your ideal home cleaning schedule, whether it be daily, weekly, or monthly. Organizing and cleaning your home space will make you feel like you have way more storage visually, and keep the appearance of clean to match how your house should feel after a deep clean using our method.